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Player’s Code of Conduct

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Player’s Code of Conduct

All Mass Youth Soccer players are encouraged to take the time to read this Player’s Code of Conduct.  As a Parent or Guardian, please encourage your player to read the guidance, or read and discuss it with your younger player, to help them understand the importance of following this Code of Conduct.  This guidance applies to players of every age and we rely on our Parents, Guardians, and Coaches to help instill the Code of Conduct in our players as part of the culture of our game.

Our goal is to help all youth soccer players to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally over time.  Soccer matches and practices are our method to accomplish this goal.

To achieve this goal, Mass Youth Soccer has adopted this Player’s Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to dismiss from our programs any player who does not adhere to this Player’s Code of Conduct.

The Player’s Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines that all players who choose to participate in any Mass Youth Soccer sanctioned activity or events that include but are not limited to all leagues, tournaments, and practices..

Player Code of Conduct
1. Sportsmanship, fair play, and respect are expected from all players. Players will be good teammates and treat others as they would like to be treated.
2. Players will not use offensive or abusive language at practices or matches.
3. Players will not intentionally harm or threaten coaches, teammates, opponents, or referees.
4. Players will not engage in bullying, harassment, or hazing during any sanctioned programs, activities, and events.
5. Players will not use social networking websites, cell phones, or other forms of technology to harass or threaten coaches, teammates, opponents, or referees.
6. Players will display a positive attitude and show respect toward coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials (Center Referee, Assistant Referee, Linepeople, 4th Official).
7. After matches, players shall positively acknowledge the opposing team. This may be done with a team handshake/fist bump or team cheer.
8. Players will also comply with all town, club, and league Zero Tolerance Policies.
9. Players will not use and possess illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana at sanctioned programs, activities, and events
10.Players must treat teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, match officials, and themselves with fairness and respect at all times.
11. Fighting in any form will not be tolerated.
12.Players are prohibited from using performance enhancing or mind-altering drugs (legal or illegal).
13.There is a zero tolerance for referee abuse. (See Zero Tolerance Policy).
14.Players are expected to know, follow, and play by the soccer laws of the match. Any intentional act of deceiving the match officials to gain an unfair advantage will be considered a violation of the Player Code of Conduct.

Penalties for Violations of the Code of Conduct
● Initial Violation: A verbal warning from the coach to the player and parent/guardian.
● 2nd Violation: Player misses next practice and/or match.
● 3rd Violation: Player is suspended from all practices and matches for the remainder of the season.

The coach will also notify (email preferred) the appropriate Director to report the violation(s).


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