Check back for additional information for referees.

CYS uses two different sets of referees and schedules them for games through two Coordinators.


In-Town: Sharon Freeman
BAYS: Larry Ward 617-492-1573

Our thanks to Mary Jo Frisoli

1. Don't let players play with a hard cast of ANY kind ANYWHERE. (This is dangerous and can take teeth out.)

2. No jewelry of any kind.

3. Call tight games (meaning don't let fouls go). Coaches just want the fouls to be called fairly and equitably.

4. Require the coaches & players to stay in their designated areas. (Parents are required to be on opposite side of field.)

5. In Spring passcards are required for BAYS teams; get there early to check passcards. SUGGESTION: Have the coaches pass out the passcards before you check them in. Then players hand them to you as you call names and check them in - much faster.

6. Anyone not on the roster DOES NOT PLAY. (Problems in the past about registrar supposed to do this and that, etc., but didn't blah blah blah.)

7. Uniforms: Referee coordinator has contact for inexpensive official uniforms if you need them. You need to have at least 2 shirts for color alternatives. With the proper uniform you will command more respect on the field.

• Have a whistle - maybe have a spare for if you lose one.

• A watch that has a stop watch in it - $10.00 at Bradley's/Ames/Ann & Hope

• A coin to toss

• Pen & small pad of paper to write down scores and cards, etc.

8. On illegal throw-ins, let the players know what they are doing wrong in four words or less - be instructive. "Keep some part of your back foot planted" - "Throw over your head" - "Can't spin the ball"

9. If you have a "referee" question on a call you made or think you should have made, submit the question to Referee Coordinator and we will get the answer for you. These questions getting answered is how you grow and learn to become a better ref.


Massachusetts State Referee Committee