Our thanks to Mary Jo Frisoli

1. You must stay on your half of the field. You cannot cross behind the opponent's bench.

2. Players CANNOT enter the field of play without the ref's permission. (If you can't get the ref's attention, have your players help you.)

3. Players must have uniforms that conform, or at least be close - this includes the correct color socks. Different color socks confuse the opponents if it's their color. (i.e. red & yellow shorts, etc., cannot be worn)

4. Coach is responsible for the equipment on the field such as corner flags & nets. If they are not there, you must get them out of the shed BEFORE the game.

5. Coach must understand that assistants should have passcards under league rules. All others must be on the other side of the field.

6. Coaches MAY NOT coach from the parent's side of the field. Everybody has their place during the game.

7. Players CANNOT play if they are wearing casts, earrings, necklaces, watches, etc. EXCEPTIONS:.

  • Newly pierced earrings may be taped before the game with athletic tape.

  • Permanent yarn-type bracelets may be covered with athletic wrist bands.

8. Assistant coaches that are doing lines MAY NOT continue to coach while doing lines. (This is an obvious coaching advantage)

9. The referee's time is the official time. REMINDER: Ref has the discretion of adding time to the game for injuries, goalie substitutions, regular substitutions & any other game delay.

10. Referee will do everything he possibly can to start game on time - but understand by the end of the day delays accumulate through no fault of that particular ref.

11. Throw-ins: Back foot must stay planted & players cannot spin the ball. Also your hands must go past your head (no slow drops.)


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