Coach Administration Checklist 


  • Set up your team's practice schedule (time and location)
  • Sign up for a practice field in August or early September. See "Scheduling Practice Fields"
  • Recruit an assistant coach and team manager and work with them to accomplish the following tasks:
    • Obtain all medical release forms
    • Obtain a roster. Only rostered players can play. An unrostered child is not medically insured
    • Create a snack schedule to assign responsibility for bringing water and snacks for half time to a different family each weekend
    • Create and distribute a team contact list with contact numbers, email addresses and other relevant information
    • Pick up coaching equipment provided by CYS (First aid kit, balls, cones, pinnies). Additional equipment you may wish to obtain include a ball pump, ice packs, etc.
    • Complete the tasks in the "Be Prepared" portion of the "Safety, Injuries and Emergencies" section
    • For BAYS Coaches only: Make sure that you and a second adult (usually the team manager or assistant coach) have valid Coaches Cards to bring to games
  • Conduct a parents meeting (a sample meeting agenda for the Parents Meeting developed by Mass Youth Soccer is contained in the CYS Coaching Binder)
  • Conduct a players meeting (depending on the age group)

During the Season

  • For BAYS Coaches only: Bring a valid Coaches Card to your games. If you can't attend a game, make sure that a second registered adult (usually the team manager or assistant coach) with a valid Coaches Card attends the game
  • For BAYS Coaches only: Confirm field and time with opposing coach prior to the coming Saturday's game
  • You must pre-pone games for Memorial Day and Columbus Day. Check with your opposition weeks in advance to confirm whether the game will be played
    • If not, inform the referee manager and the fields manager of cancellation
    • For all cancelled games, reschedule them in advance (see game rescheduling outline)
  • Provide help in player placement activities in spring
    • Attend two player placement meetings for your current age group children and the age group that your children will be going in to in the spring
    • Complete and send in objective and realistic player evaluations in spring


CYS Coaching Philosophy
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Coach Administration Checklist
Scheduling Practice Fields
BAYS Make-up Game Procedure
BAYS Placement Field Evaluations

Safety, Injuries and Emergencies
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CYS Coaches Survey Results
Referee's Pointers for BAYS Coaches
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